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Make the U.S. Brighter

Ashoka Fellows have a courageous vision of a bright future.
They dare to ask bold questions: How can we guarantee basic legal protection for all? Or reinvent the foster care system and the roles for those within it? How will we build a more equitable and sustainable economy?

They bring new insights and creative energy to timely social problems. Like the best social entrepreneurs, they challenge the status quo and design transformative solutions that reshape patterns in their fields – whether in education or law or mental health. And their solutions are grounded in deep human understanding and empathy.

This fall, we’re celebrating the bright ideas of the 2014 Class of Ashoka Fellows. We connect each Fellow to channels of support that uplift and accelerate their work. Today, we offer you the opportunity to be one of those channels. With a tax-deductible financial contribution – 100 percent of which goes to the direct, unrestricted funding of our Fellows’ work – you can invest alongside Ashoka in the world that is yet to be. We hope you'll join us in making the world brighter by donating today.

The Innovators

Ashoka Fellow Andrew Slack: Harry Potter Alliance

Millennials — the roughly 80 million Americans born between 1980 and 2000 — are less tied to political religious, and cultural institutions than any generation before them. This institutional disconnect leads to the portrayal of millennials as self-obsessed and politically apathetic. However, it’s not that these young people don’t care, but rather that the top-down […]

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Ashoka Fellow Morgan Dixon: GirlTrek

African American women are disproportionately affected by preventable, obesity-related diseases and are dying at higher rates than any other group of women in America. Over 80% of Black women are currently overweight, and a central issue is inactivity and lack of leisure time for self-care.  National surveys show that two thirds of African-American women engage […]

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Our Story

Ashoka, as told by members of our community.

In Their Words

“I have been constantly blown away by the generosity and vision of Ashoka. They have been unselfish in sharing donors. They have been unmatched as a thought partner, helping me and my organization to see connections in our work that transcend geographic boundaries and the usual discipline silos. And they have been unparalleled as a connector. My own experience as an Ashoka Fellow has been nothing short of transformational.”
Jill Vialet, Founder of Playworks, Ashoka Fellow since 2004
“Ashoka is unlike any other organization I’ve worked with. And this is a good thing. Forget about hierarchies and decision-trees. Forget about caveats and we’ve-never-done-thats. I have never worked with a more committed group of people whose first response is “why not!,” whose job descriptions say “make it happen,” and who are deeply committed to standing next to crazy leaders who believe in the world that is yet to be. Is it messy sometimes? Yes. Is it catalytic? Always.”
Eric Dawson, Founder of Peace First, Ashoka Fellow since 2007